Do say: X-ray!

Free translation tool for radiology departments


Welcome to 'Do say: X-ray!', the free translation tool for radiographers and radiologists.

'Do say: X-ray!' provides translations of commonly used phrases into more than 40 languages, including patient information, questions and instructions. Translations are available both as text and as audio playback.

The use of 'Do say' improves communication with non-English speaking patients. This results in shorter examination times, better picture quality and a reduced amount of re-takes.

Please note

Due to Covid-19 we have decided to offer early access to 'Do say 6.0'. Hopefully the Covid-screening phrases in this new version will prove useful. Please note that this a work in progress, not yet a finished version. We are still testing, translating and bugfixing.

Go to translations (current version v5.0)
Preview new version (v6.0, still under development)