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Do say: X-ray!

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Design & programming:
Christian Bösche.

Organisation & advice:
Tobias Röhr.

Working group Radiology Oskarshamn:
Bouwine Samplonius, Christian Bösche, Helen Unosson, Johan Gerlach, Jurriaan Kamphuis, Siw Fält

Working group Mammography Oskarshamn:
Bouwine Samplonius, Christian Bösche, Bibbi Frost, Margareta Snygg

Christian Bösche, Rodriguez Bernal, Shadi Mattar.

Translators & Speakers:
Adel Thuraya, Andrijana Aleksic, Almina Ibricic, Amin Beik, Andrei Muntmark, Anna Papazoglou, António Pereira de Campos, Asim Mentes, Aurinta Varanauskiene, Avni Dervishi, Bouwine Samplonius, Cecilia Jourdain, Christian Bösche, Elis Gülenay, Espen Herud, Francesco Di Dedda, German Muñoz Carrasco, Hakeem Yusuf, Hiromi Kurita, Hussein Naderi, Israel Rotter, Istvan Szatmari, Jan Bösche, Jwaneh Taher Nezhad, Jurriaan Kamphuis, Kasper Hugod, Khaled El-tayara, Klaus Holtmeier, Konstatinos, Lanh Shin, Lars-Erik Hörnfeldt, Leoni Gloerich, Liza Vicente, Lisbeth Lindberg, Lotte Keuss, Lukasz Czarnowski, Lushi Zalli, Maria Borras Sastre, Maria Shebotaeva, Marie Junéll, Marijke Holwerda, Marja-Liisa Borälv, Martin Arbet, Maryam Kian, Milan Arbet, Moamin Al-Anbari, Mohammad Arab, Mohamed Husein Moallin, Ngsti Tsegay, Nhan Luong, Nuno Rodrigues, Olga Anhalt-Bösche, Paulin Susay, Peder Wigsten, Rafael Pablo Labanino, Rodrigues Bernal, Salleh Paitooran, Samme Bogad, Semere Kesete, Silvia Vlaescu, Simon & Polona Bohlin, Simona Bors, Sylvie Travnickova, Urtim Baftijaj, Wilfried Hunziger, Zaid Al-baldawi and many others

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